What does protective covenant mean in finance?. that limits certain actions a company may take during the term of the loan to protect the lender's interests.

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Covenants work to protect all parties involved in the contract, ensuring that each will hold up their end of the bargain. If they fail to do so, the other party will receive compensation or recover damages. Legal dictionaries spell out the importance of "performance" and "non-performance."

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Guide to Business Protection and Restrictive Covenants This note provides a short guide to the steps an employer can take to protect itself from competition from ex-employees Restrictive covenants? Employees, particularly senior ones, often have access to many types of confidential information.

Courts will enforce restrictive covenants that reasonably protect a company’s legitimate business interests. Examples of such interests are the goodwill associated with customer or client relationships, confidential information, or protection against competition from an employee found to be "unique," "extraordinary" or who maintains close relationships with key client/customer contacts.

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However, an employer may seek to protect the use of this information both during employment and after the employment ends through the use of what are known as restrictive covenants. Many employers include these clauses in the contracts of employment of senior or highly skilled staff at the commencement of the employment relationship.

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