Rent or buy? Depends on where you live. Lending Tree study finds – Bizwomen

Rent or buy? Depends on where you live. Lending Tree study finds – Bizwomen

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Americans Believe Real Estate is Best Long-Term Investment Mortgage Masters Group Two weeks ago, Gallup released its annual survey which asks Americans which asset they believed to be the best long-term investment. The survey revealed: “More Americans name real estate over several other vehicles for growing wealth as the best long-term investment for the fifth year in a row.

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Lending Tree is an online service that helps link people with the means to acquire loans and sums of money. An account or profile can be created by visiting lending tree’s home website page. share:

"It’s like a nightmare, you. the mortgage on their empty home and rent a second house to live in. Freddie Mac said the couple should have done their own testing and the house was bought "as is.".

Have you heard. almost always be “it depends.” There are plenty of online tools available to help you assess whether your current financial circumstances would render a monthly mortgage payment.

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Like most things in real estate, it depends on the location. In real life, you would want to follow the 1% rule. This means that a $100k property should rent for $1000 per month or higher. While there are some markets where this is not practical,

The decision between buying or renting can be a tough one. Both options have their pros and cons.. it’s important to make sure you like the area you live in, so ask yourself these questions first.. but when deciding to rent or buy, buying should be considered a long term decision.

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